From 7 to 14 October 2022,
the Belgian non-profit Street Nurses is to run its Dream Of A Roof campaign.
The aim is to call upon citizens, enterprises, politicians and professionals
to commit themselves to ending of homelessness together.

Dream Of A Roof, Wake Up Home:
a dream waiting to come true!

With this campaign, Street Nurses wants to mobilise all parts of society against homelessness in Belgium.
The campaign is run along the International Day against Homelessness (10 October) and the International Day against Poverty (17 October), and managed by Street Nurses, an non-profit that has been operating since 2006 with the conviction that homelessness can be ended.


Get engaged

To end homelessness, different layers of society must work together:

  • Citizens and enterprises through statements, actions of solidarity or financial support;

  • The media by shedding light on this issue as much as possible;

  • Organisations joining forces and exchanging best practices;

  • Academics giving support with analyses and suggestions for potential solutions;

  • Belgian politicians (both regional and federal) by implementing appropriate, innovative, efficient -and especially structural- policies.


Homelessness is far too present in Belgium

Homeless as a societal issue is both visible and a taboo.
But homeless people are just like everybody, with their own story, rights, dreams, and dignity.


Some statistics

According to the latest census (2020 – Bruss’help), just in Brussels 5,313 persons have a housing problem, and some 719 among them sleep on the street.
In Liège, the figure is 422 and in Arlon 149. In Ghent, the census recorded 1,472 adults and 401 children. In Limburg: 932 adults and 285 children. (2020 - King Baudouin Foundation).
In addition, 1,159 persons suffer from this problem in Charleroi, 1,146 in Namur, 1,313 in the South of West-Flanders and 229 around Vilvoorde (2021 - King Baudouin Foundation).


Despite the mobilisation of citizens, organisations and the political sphere, homelessness remains a stubborn phenomenon.

This suggests that implemented solutions do not work and that more needs to be done.


You too can take action to end homelessness!

At Street Nurses we know that there are different and better ways to deal with the issue.
For 15 years we have been fighting homelessness.
But we also know that we cannot succeed alone. We need others. We need you.
Together, let’s end homelessness!


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